Because we work with top-notch caregivers, we hear many heartfelt thanks. Just listen to what others are saying.
"We did not anticipate this time in life when we would be caring for our senior parents, my sister and I both balancing careers as well as managing mom and dad’s daily living and well being. A couple for 60 years, our parents were both independent and active seniors until everything suddenly changed. Our parents are still high functioning but given one has ongoing physical health issues and the other one has short term memory issues, their safety living at home alone was at risk and it became necessary to explore home support options, which led to its own journey in finding quality care.

We are very grateful for the care and support of Nikoniko Home Care aides. Prior to Nikoniko Home Care we experienced many problems with the consistency and quality of home support care, with a revolving door of workers and unacceptable communication issues that led to serious problems that jeopardized the overall healthcare of our mom and dad.

Since switching to Nikoniko Home Care, there has been significant relief as we believe that we now have the highest quality of care in place. Nikoniko Home Care provides consistency, scheduling the same aides who have made an effort to establish a relationship with our parents. Nikoniko Home Care also offers a system that allows for excellent communication and exceptional care that can accommodate the complex changing medical needs of our parents. Also, it is evident that the owner, Yuko, a registered nurse, maintains a bar of excellence with an awareness, intuition and special skill for selecting quality workers who not only take initiative with the required training needed, but of equal importance, possess compassion and sincere interest and kindness towards their clients. We still spend a lot of time caring for our parents - this is special time to cherish.

However, in the days or hours that we are not with them, it is extremely comforting to know that our mom and dad are in excellent caring hands with Nikoniko Home Care."
(Anonymous, Burnaby)
Indeed, we are grateful to work with you every day. Life is beautiful when people care. And it’s a powerful thing to change someone’s life. So how may we help you?